Latest Update on Re-Opening

Basic Information:

  1. We are resuming our Sunday 10:30am service in-person and practicing social distancing. (As of June 7th)
  2. We will be meeting in the main auditorium. If you would feel more comfortable in a smaller venue, you are welcome to watch the livestream in the Chapel.
  3. Please review and follow the important directions below.

Before Arriving:

  1. Please screen yourself. If you are ill or have any symptoms of potential illness, please stay home and participate online.

  2. Please familiarize yourself with this map of the church facility and our plans for parking and entry to the facility:
    • If you park in the North Lot, please enter Door 5, and be seated in the North or East sections of the auditorium main floor.
    • If you park in the East Lot, please enter Door 3 or 4, and be seated in the South and East sections of the auditorium main floor or balcony
    • If you park in the West Lot, please enter Door 7, and be seated in the South section of the auditorium main floor or balcony.

  3. Please remember that masks are recommended by the IDPH for those who can safely wear them. Masks are not required for those who can socially distance.

When Inside:

  1. Please practice social distancing in the lobby, hallway, and aisle areas by avoiding congregating or impeding the flow of foot traffic.

  2. Please remain together as a family unit. Hospitality Team members and ushers will be posted at entrances and in the auditorium to serve you and give you guidance.

  3. Restroom facilities will be available. Please limit restroom occupants to three at a time.

  4. Please refrain from handling the pew hymnals and Bibles. Song lyrics and Scripture readings will be posted on the screens.

  5. Please leave the back four pews in each section unoccupied. This will allow our Hospitality Team to efficiently seat individuals with physical limitations.

After the service:

  1. Please exit the auditorium and the facility in a timely manner.

  2. Fellowship is strongly encouraged ... while outdoors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please Remember:

Some may feel these plans are too restrictive.

We are asking you to join us in caring for each other and our community by being as safe as possible. Our desire is to be wise in caring for the people God has given us. Please show respect to and preference for one another. Please remain humble and teachable. We must take precautions for those who are susceptible to the virus.

Some may feel these plans are too risky.

We trust your judgment in caring for yourself and your family. If you need to stay home to care for your health, you do so with the blessing of our church leaders. We encourage you to take all necessary precautions to protect your health and your family’s health.