Sunday School

We love to study the Bible together!
Meeting from 9:30-10:15am, you will have an opportunity for intentional study and fellowship. Children and Teens will meet in their designated rooms while adults have the following options:

The Book of Proverbs: David Gower in the Michael Room

The Book of 1-2 Timothy: Wes Dixon and Larry Edwards in Room 311.

The Young Married (20-30's) Group: Pastor Brandon in Room 309.

The Young Adults (College+) Group: Jonathon Panlillio and Bob Obaga in the Choir Room.

Square 1: Foundations of the Faith: Pastor Ken in Room 305. Square 1 is where you get to discover what we believe at Bethel in an open and conversational way with our Lead Pastor.


Meeting in homes during the week, Community Groups are an opportunity for a small group of our members to engage in true spiritual fellowship that is transparent, Word-centered, and focused on growth in godly love and godly living.

Our Community Groups are designed to help each other take the steps of spiritual transformation that are needed in their lives. The groups enable spiritual fellowship that challenges us to grow. The pathway to group life is through membership at Bethel. Groups are formed as group leaders are trained and available for leading new groups. Find out more by viewing the Participant's Guide.

Philosophy & Practice of Community Groups

Wednesday Bible Study

Meeting on Wednesday evening from 6:00-7:15pm, our prayer gathering provides the opportuntiy for us to prayer together both as families and as an assembly of believers. A brief devotion and exchange of prayer requests is followed by prayer time.

For more info on our adult ministry opportunites, contact Brandon Lowery.