Core Values

  • Connector.


    Hearing the Word of God through preaching and discussion from pastors, youth workers, and fellow teens

  • Connector.


    Worshipping God and focusing on Him through singing, playing an instrument, or leading singing

  • Connector.


    Communicating in dependence upon God through requests, praise, and thanks

  • Connector.


    Sharing stories of blessings, trials and things learned relating to faith in Jesus Christ

  • Connector.


    Building relationships with other teens to encourage and bond for God’s glory

  • Connector.


    Serving the local church body, surrounding communities and the rest of the world through assisted living home ministries, mission’s trips and other service opportunities

Activity Descriptions

Youth Crew

When: Wednesday Nights 6:30 – 8:15 p.m.

What: Youth Crew provides an amazing opportunity for our teens to fellowship and grow in a 30/30/30 minute format. Activity time begins with a variety of fun and crazy games. After activity time, the entire youth group meets for Christ-centered worship followed by Biblical teaching led by Pastor Dave.

Songs and Story Gatherings

When: Once a Month on Sunday Nights 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.

What: In our effort to make and mature disciples of Jesus Christ we offer a different avenue where teens are able to mature in the areas of singing and sharing their faith off campus. Through Biblical text, the teens learn additional sound doctrine in the songs and in the stories behind the songs. Through sharing, the teens gain experience and encouragement in expressing blessings, trials and lessons learned in accordance and response to their faith in the Word of God.

Group Activities (Once a Month – TBA)

Group Activities focus on the fellowship aspect of the group. Once a month the teens will gather together for a variety of different activities including All Nighters, Service Projects, Summer Camp, Missions Trips, a Six Flags Outing, and more!

  See the Teens category of our Event calendar for a schedule of teens ministry opportunities.

For more info on our teens’ ministry opportunities, contact Dave Chai.